Our history

Florence 1998 , precisely in Via De' Cerretani .

Those who have visited the cradle of the Renaissance will have remembered this road, because it is the one that connects the Santa Maria Novella station to Piazza Duomo ,
with Brunelleschi's Dome which imposingly fills the view on the horizon.

Here one of the two stores on the same street was first built, the one that will start a journey
which has now lasted for more than 20 years .

“It was an emotion to look at the mirror in the window and see our work in one of the most important streets in Florence.”

Daniele Ghetti, the founder of the brand, tells us.

Quintessence was created for simple people who love to dress elegantly for every occasion,
the rigorously Made in Italy production process guarantees quality products and their durability over time.

Our customers, who come back after choosing us for the first time, represent the motivation that drives us every day to find the right compromise:
be inspired by the past while looking at the contemporary.

Quintessence Firenze is synonymous with elegance, comfort and Italian excellence , always giving you an impeccable look. Buying from Quintessence means having the certainty of wearing unique and exclusive garments that will accompany you during your adventures.